Newborn boy photos

This adorable little man was 16 days old when he came into the studio. He was a little older than I generally like for newborn sessions (around seven days preferred), but due to logistics this was the earliest he could come in. Even though he was a little older, he was still so calm. He […]

Newborn boy photos

Milestone Photos Edmonton

I’ve been photographing Connor since he was a newborn. I can’t believe that he’s already one year old. It really does feel like yesterday that we had his newborn session. It was an adorable session with turquoise and grey colours. It had a bit of an antique vibe. You can see a couple of the […]

First Birthday Milestone Photos

Edmonton baby photography-6-months

It’s so hard to believe that we just finished Nora’s 6┬ámonth old baby photography session. She’ll always have a special place in my heart as I’ve photographed her from before she was born. She was very happy when she came in (she usually is a very happy baby). In our studio in Lucina, we were […]

6 Month Old Baby Photography

Edmonton Baby & Maternity Photographer

A baby plan is a series of pre-planned photo sessions that allow you to document your baby’s first year of life. Typically the number of sessions ranges from two to four. Sessions focus on capturing the milestones that your baby has hit and are a great way to preserve his ever changing abilities. I offer […]

What is a baby plan?

9 Month Old Baby Photography Edmonton

This sweet little guy came to see me when he turned 9 months old! He had this amazing, thick hair and beautiful brown eyes. He was super happy too. I’ll never forget how playful his mama was….he clearly loved the way she interacted with him. Here are a few of my favorite photos from his […]

9 Month Baby Photography

6 Month Old Baby PhotographyYEG

The first time I met Baby H. she was a teeny, tiny newborn. Even then, she was six pounds of pure joy. When she came to see me for her 6 month baby photography session, I couldn’t get over how big she had gotten. Gone was the six pound newborn. She was now one of […]

6 Month Baby Photography Session