Edmonton newborn photography

This sweet little girl had so much hair! She was so adorable. She was just so itty bitty, I wanted to snuggle her forever. Her session was super girly. We chose lots of greens and pinks and used all the lace and all the flowers. This session also included quite a few digital backgrounds, to […]

Newborn Girl Photography Session

Newborn Photographer Edmonton

Okay you guys, so I loved everything about this session. This session was an essential session (baby only) that took place in the studio. Mom wanted simple, neutrals as well as awake baby shots. Of course, neutrals are my absolute favorite. It also helped that her little man made things so easy. He was super chill […]

Simple Newborn Boy Session

Edmonton newborn photography

Oh man, it has been forever since I posted something! Here’s an extra special newborn boy photography session, for a family that has waited for this precious baby for a really long time. One thing surrogacy has taught me, is that the harder the road, the more you appreciate all the wonderful moments. I think […]

Newborn Boy Photography

To continue the trend of showing the difference between my Classic / Full and Essential / Mini Sessions, here is a Classic Newborn Photography Session. The session usually results in 30-40 proofs to order from. With newborn sessions, I generally recommend the Classic session if you’d like to include parent and / or sibling images, […]

Classic Newborn Photography Session

This little man was so cute. He didn’t sleep too well, but I still managed to capture a few sleepy photos to round out the gallery for this Essential session. We went for some natural looking photos and included some simple parent poses in the gallery. For the majority of the photos, I captured baby […]

Newborn Boy Session

Newborn boy photos

This adorable little man was 16 days old when he came into the studio. He was a little older than I generally like for newborn sessions (around seven days preferred), but due to logistics this was the earliest he could come in. Even though he was a little older, he was still so calm. He […]

Newborn boy photos

newborn photos

I have recently started to offer at home newborn photos for my clients. Since I’m having to bring my props with me, I’ve been using a lot of digital backgrounds to keep setups to a minimum. These backgrounds are simply stunning and offer so much variety. I’m completely in love. The benefit to mom and […]

Newborn photos

newborn photography

Simple newborn photography is my favorite. Why? I think it is because the focus is 100% on the baby. These images are always pure and timeless. When you take fancy props and outfits out of the equation, your images won’t ever date. When Michelle came to me, she didn’t want images that were full of stuff. […]

Simple Newborn Photography

YEG newborn photography

This sweet little family came to our Edmonton newborn photography studio back in June. She was 11 days new, if I remember correctly. She was a big baby, with lots and lots of hair. Her older brother and sister came to the studio as well. It was clear from the moment they came in that they […]

Edmonton Newborn Photography Studio – Baby K.

YEG Newborn Photographer

I’m not going to lie. My favorite newborn photography session subjects are my birth photography clients. There is something about being present when a baby enters the world, that creates a connection with that family that is a little deeper than my other clients. Baby Grayson joined us in June. He was teeny tiny and just […]

Newborn photography session: Baby Grayson