Home Maternity Session

September 16, 2018

If you’ve spent much time at all decorating your home, this can be the perfect place for a session. A home maternity session allows you to have photos that are only yours. Photos that can’t be duplicated by anyone else. Plus, if you’re in love with more than one style of photography, we can include it all in the session.

In Home Maternity Session

This particular couple were struggling between wanting boudoir images and traditional outdoor photos. Mama also had the amazing idea of adding a glitter bath (like a milk bath, but much more sparkly) to the session. In this case, we took a number of images of this gorgeous couple in baby’s nursery, their bedroom, on the couch and in the kitchen.

Outside Maternity Session

Once the light was perfect, we drove a short distance to a nearby area where they frequently walked their dogs to do some outside photos. We really lucked out because it had been raining most of the day. Around dinner time the clouds disappeared and we had the most amazing light!

Glitter Bath

At the very end of the session we ran a bath.While the tub was filling, we created a necklace of sorts using a variety of rhinestones to add as much glamour as possible. When Mama got in, I added several layers of glitter and confetti. I chose the color to match the nursery, but any color could be used here. It didn’t take long for the actual shoot (maybe 5-10 minutes). After we were done, clean up included a shower, draining the tub and letting it dry and vacuuming up the glitter. I think any cleanup (which is less than you’d think) is totally worth the results!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from their gallery:

Home Maternity Session Gallery

Milk bath glitter bath

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For more information on booking a maternity session, see this page: maternity session details.

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