Essential Maternity Photography Session

February 27, 2018

I’ve been thinking that it may be helpful to show the difference between an Essential maternity photography session and a Classic maternity session / Luxury session (a classic session with hair and make-up).

The Essential session results in a proof gallery with approximately 20 photos to choose from. They tend to be a little shorter, but they work great for someone who either:

a) doesn’t have a lot of time; or

b) doesn’t have a lot of energy (which totally happens as you get to that third trimester!)

I have a lot of clients that opt for this session for one of these two reasons. You can still have a great experience, it is just a bit more limited than the Classic session.

In this particular gallery, Mama wanted a fairly clean look. White wraps and black and white images were really appealing to her. She also loved the purple couch in the studio, so I made sure to incorporate it into the session.

Daddy to be came along, wearing a simple long sleeved shirt and jeans, keeping things nice and neutral to work with the classic images we had planned.

Even though we were only doing a mini session, mama still had her hair and makeup done before the session. Both the hair and makeup artist came to her home before the shoot, so she didn’t have any running around to do. I have to say, she looked stunning.

Here is the full, Essential Maternity Session gallery:

Essential Maternity Photography Session Gallery

I’ll post an example of a Classic Maternity Session next, so you can see the difference. These sessions typically take about an hour and you receive a total of 25 images.

Session Booking

To book a session, or see my maternity packages, please visit my maternity photography page. If you have any questions, I’d love to connect with you.

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