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You imagine the day your baby is born for months, or even years. I can help you preserve that day. You’ll have stunning photographs that you can look back on as your baby grows, keeping the details from fading from your memory.

Birth Photography Pricing

All birth photography packages include:

I will be on call in the weeks leading up to your due date until you deliver. This means you can call me any time, day or night.

Coverage from active labour until one to two hours after after baby arrives. This can be six hours or twenty-six hours. You will never be charged extra for a longer labour.

If you request a sneak peak, it will be available within 24 hours of delivery.

Approximately four weeks after your birth, your images will be ready to download from a password protected online gallery.

All bookings require a 40% deposit. The remaining balance will be due 4 weeks prior to your due date. Payment plans can be arranged.

Package One | 1500 Dollars

Includes 40 edited digital images; ideal for capturing the most important moments of your birthing day.

Package Two | 1900 Dollars

75 edited digital images; perfect for documenting the most important moments, as well as all the details that you want to remember.

Package Additions

5-7 minute slideshow video – 300 Dollars

20 page album – starting at 800 Dollars

Any maternity session – Save 100 Dollars

Any newborn session – Save 100 Dollars

After Delivery | 1000 Dollars

If you want photographs of your baby right after birth, but aren’t completely sure if you’d like someone there capturing the delivery, you will love this option.

I will meet you within 2-3 hours of baby’s arrival to capture images of early breast feeding, skin-to-skin and all the little details like baby’s tiny fingers and perfect toes. The package includes:

Up to 2 hours of photography.

30 images in an online gallery.

An announcement photo ready the same day as your session.

See above for package addition pricing.

Birth Photography Details

What exactly is birth photography?

Birth photography is about capturing your labour and birth, documenting it exactly as it unfolds with no posing instruction or changes to your environment. The images tell your story, including:

the way you powered through this emotional and physically demanding day,

the connection between you and your partner, and of course,

that moment when you first meet your baby.

You prepare for your birth for months. Never forget it.

What kinds of birth do you photograph?

I photograph every kind of birth. Each is unique to itself. Whether your birth takes place in the Lucina Centre, at home or in the hospital, I would be happy to document your day. I have photographed hypno-births, surrogate births (I’m a surrogate myself, so I have a strong connection to these births), gay families, first time families and births with siblings.

In the event of a cesarean section, I may be able to enter the delivery room with permission from your doctor and anesthesiologist. If I can not attend the actual delivery, I can document every moment leading up to the birth and continue coverage in the recovery room.

Births at Lucina Centre,  your home or the hospital are all welcome.

How do you fit into the birth environment?

Your birth is for you to experience, uninterrupted. From the moment I arrive, I will blend into the background, avoiding disturbing you as much as possible. I always honor a woman’s birthing space.

One of the things we will cover in our meetings before your delivery is your birth plan. We’ll make decisions together in advance on how you’d like your day covered, so there will be no need to provide any instruction to me during your labour.

As a part of our preparation, you will discuss my presence with your caregiver. Be sure to relay all instructions from your medical and support team, as well as the policies of the hospital, so I can ensure they are obeyed.

Will you take images that are too personal?

Part of the beauty of birth, is the vulnerability that goes along with it. If you want crowning shots, that’s awesome! If you would prefer to be photographed from the waist up, I will absolutely respect that. About 80% of my clients have made the same request. I won’t deliver any images that you haven’t asked for.

Why should we choose you?

Before you make your decision, we’ll meet and discuss the whole process. We’ll only move forward if you are totally comfortable having me in your birthing space.

I have birthed four babies, three with a midwife and one in hospital.  I’ve also documented a variety of births and studied labour and delivery to be as knowledgeable about birth as possible.

In addition to my experience and expertise:

I specialize in birth and baby photography.

I have a back-up photographer to make sure that your birth will be documented in case of emergency.

My photography gear is professional grade, specifically chosen for its ability to shoot in low light situations and small spaces.

My delivery time for images is among the fastest in the industry. I provide an announcement image the same day as baby is born and the full gallery within two weeks.

I am a member of the Canadian Birth Photographers and the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, adhering to the code of conduct and professional standards of both groups.

How do I book?

I’m currently booking for 2020. If you’d like to secure your spot, fill in the booking form and we will arrange a time to meet. We’ll spend time getting to know each other, going over your birth plan and discussing all the options.

Once we’ve decided to move forward, I will provide you with a contract and we’ll make sure you know exactly when to call me. If it will be awhile until you deliver, we’ll likely meet one more time to make sure everything is fresh in your mind.
Birth Photography

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