Classic Maternity Photography Session

March 3, 2018

To continue my post earlier this week, showing the difference between the Essential session and the Classic session, here is a recent classic session gallery.

The Classic maternity photography session comes with a proof gallery of 20-30 photos. The Classic session is usually around an hour, but the length of time can be made shorter or longer based on your individual needs. There’s more opportunity to get a gallery with more diversity, including maybe some intimate, boudoir style photos, close up photos, and a nice mix of couple photos and individual shots. The classic session gives you the full experience, maximizing the number of photos you get for the effort you put in.

The classic session is perfect if you’re wanting to wear a variety of outfits. It is also perfect if you’re planning to have a separate album for your maternity pictures. There’s lots of diversity to make an album really special.

In this particular gallery, mama to be wanted a lot of black and white photos, with lots of close ups. For couple photos, Dad wanted to be present, but not have to have a lot of full body shots (he was a bit camera shy, like lots of guys!). We went for a variety of outfits, but mostly lace and more intimate options.

Mom had full hair, makeup and lashes done before the session, and she looked just gorgeous. The makeup complimented her beautiful eyes perfectly!

Here is the full, Classic Maternity Photography Session gallery:

Classic Maternity Photography Session Gallery

If you missed checking out what an Essential Maternity Session Gallery looks like, you can see it here.

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