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9 Month Old Baby Photography Edmonton
9 Month Baby Photography
This sweet little guy came to see me when he turned 9 months old! He had this amazing, thick hair and beautiful brown eyes. He was super happy too. I'll never forget how playful his mama was....he clearly loved the way she interacted with him. Here are a few of my favorite photos from his 9 month baby photography gallery. 9 Month Baby Photography
6 Month Old Baby PhotographyYEG
6 Month Baby Photography Session
The first time I met Baby H. she was a teeny, tiny newborn. Even then, she was six pounds of pure joy. When she came to see me for her 6 month baby photography session, I couldn't get over how big she had gotten. Gone was the six pound newborn. She was now one of the biggest six month olds I have ever seen. Here are a few of my favorite photos from our session: 6 Month Baby Photography Session - Baby H. If you're interested in booking a session, visit this page.
Product Photographer in Edmonton
The product photographer difference
I am a product photographer. In today's day and age, most photographers are "shoot and burn" photographers. I'll admit that this approach is often easier for the photographer and caters to what the majority of consumers think they want. I know, it's pretty bold of me to say that you may not know what you want. Just humor me for a second. Before I became a professional photographer, I was one of these consumers. I wanted my photographs in digital format. I figured I would print my photos myself to save money. This way, I'd be in control of which prints I bought, when, and in which size. I specifically can think back to a time when my ol ...
Artistic Newborn Photos
How I create artistic newborn photos
I love, love, love artistic newborn photos. Creating new props and outfits is one of my favorite things to do. After a design consultation with my client, I spend a bunch of time designing, sewing and hot gluing to make sure each newborn session is stunning. Here are a few elements I consider when I am preparing artistic newborn photos: Colour When designing an artistic newborn photography set, I typically try to incorporate three colours; two neutrals and one accent. When determining my neutral colours I look to the colour pallet in the home of the client I'm designing for. If the client likes crisp and modern, I will often use whi ...
10 questions to ask your newborn photographer
Hiring a newborn photographer can be a daunting task. There are many elements to consider, from the photographer's style to thier safety practices. To make things a little easier, here is a list of things that you should talk to your newborn photographer about. 1. What style of newborn photographer are you? If you have spent much time researching the photographer, you probably already have an idea about the style of photography they use. Some photographers focus on lifestyle images. These sessions often take place in your home and don't utilize any props. These photographers use photojournalism to  document baby's first days, telling you ...
Edmonton Baby & Maternity Photogapher
March Maternity Photography Sessions
In the spring of 2016, Photography by Jasmin offered mini maternity sessions one day per month. The sessions were booked back to back in the studio and provided my clients with the chance to get a few images at a discounted price. The sessions were really popular and I really enjoyed them. I found that by booking several clients into one day, I was not able to provide the same level of service to my clients that I wanted to provide, so I have gone to booking only one session a day. Read on for the blog post that I wrote about the March sessions to see the images and get ideas for your own session. My mini maternity photography sessi ...
Turquoise Newborn Sessions
Today I realized that I incorporated turquoise into my last two newborn photography sessions. What I found interesting is that this colour was equally feminine and masculine. There was, however, one major difference in how the colour was utilized. For baby Nora, I used the colour as a primary colour, switching out her headband colours to add an extra pop. For baby Connor, I used brown and charcoal, and then accented these with turquoise in the fluff, blankets and accessories. Newborn Girls For baby girls, turquoise is beautiful as a primary colour. It can be accented with: pinks, purples, and corals to keep it feeling girly and m ...
Maternity Photos – Kelsey
This week was a busy week with three maternity photo shoots. I'm trying to get all my editing done, but I couldn't resist taking a moment to post a few photos from Kelsey's photo session. If you're interested in photos, I'd love to hear from you. My booking fee starts at just $75! Kelsey's maternity sneak peak