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Studio Maternity Photography
In July I had the immense pleasure of taking maternity photos for the Cunningham family. Dad is a photographer himself, so I have to admit that it increased the pressure to deliver. In the end, they were really happy with the images. I'll never forget Dad's reaction when he came in to watch the slideshow. He just couldn't get over how beautiful his wife looked. He smiled and kissed her and asked to watch the slideshow one more time. I can't get enough of couples who are visibly in love. Studio Maternity Photography with Little Ones We decided on a studio session since the weather had been a bit unpredictable. In the end it was a great de ...
YEG newborn photography
Edmonton Newborn Photography Studio – Baby K.
This sweet little family came to our Edmonton newborn photography studio back in June. She was 11 days new, if I remember correctly. She was a big baby, with lots and lots of hair. Her older brother and sister came to the studio as well. It was clear from the moment they came in that they absolutely adored their new baby sister. It was really important to Mom that we get a few great family shots, so we did those first. We achieved a number of family poses including everyone lying together on the bed, the kids sitting with Baby K. and a couple of standing ones. After that we focused on capturing some special images just of baby. She s ...
Lucina Centre Maternity Photography
Yesterday I had the immense pleasure of photographing my first Lucina Centre maternity photography session. Jacqueline, who is also a practitioner at Lucina, was my guinea pig. She is a Reiki and reflexology practitioner. You can learn more about her business, Azure Holistic Modalities  here. Studio Photographs My studio provided the perfect setting for a few intimate photographs. The south facing window provides gorgeous back lighting. Jacqueline wore my favourite lace maternity gown and looked absolutely incredible in it. During our session, she mentioned that she is a former dancer. I think you can see it in the way she posed; the images ...
YEG Newborn Photographer
Newborn photography session: Baby Grayson
I'm not going to lie. My favorite newborn photography session subjects are my birth photography clients. There is something about being present when a baby enters the world, that creates a connection with that family that is a little deeper than my other clients. Baby Grayson joined us in June. He was teeny tiny and just perfect. When his mommy asked me to squeeze them in last minute for a newborn shoot, I was more than happy to. On the session day, Grayson and his big brother came to the studio ready to go. It took a fair bit for Grayson to fall asleep so I got to visit with Carson. He is an amazing little guy. I honestly think he was ...
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Newborn Photography Slideshow
I edit between 25 and 35 images after every newborn photography session. When it's time to share the images with you, you will come into my studio to sit down and see your images for the first time. The images are set to music and shared via a slideshow video. I know it's a little hard to imagine what a video slideshow is if you've never experienced an ordering session with me. I thought it might be beneficial to share a recent video with you. Janel's Newborn Photos This video is from baby Janel's newborn photography session. Her mom contacted me just a few days before her session. Luckily I had an opening and I was able to get them in. ...
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Stunning Maternity Photos – Edmonton Park
I have been busy trying my hand at creating stunning maternity photos in the great outdoors. It is a lot different from the studio maternity sessions that I provide for most of my clients. First, the weather makes scheduling a bit of a challenge. Second, the changing lighting due to the setting sun makes getting a proper exposure a bit more tedious. Lastly, it is gorgeous. The natural environment makes posing easier, as I can utilize the natural landscape to keep the session from feeling repetitive. My stunning maternity subject, and her soon to be husband, were both great sports. Expecting her forth and final baby, this was a great time t ...
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Pink Newborn Photography
A few weeks ago I was asked to put together a VERY pink newborn photography session. Mama had two older boys, ages 17 and 8 and had long since given up on the idea of having a daughter. I can totally relate to her excitement about having a girl. As a mother with two older boys (mine are 11 and 8 currently), when I found out I was expecting my third I was over the moon to have another girl in the house. Don't get me wrong. Boys are great. I loved playing with cars and riding bikes with my boys. I never even thought I was missing anything before I had my daughter. BUT when I learned that Gracie was a girl, I instantly felt a longing for ever ...
Edmonton Baby & Maternity Photographer
What is a baby plan?
A baby plan is a series of pre-planned photo sessions that allow you to document your baby's first year of life. Typically the number of sessions ranges from two to four. Sessions focus on capturing the milestones that your baby has hit and are a great way to preserve his ever changing abilities. I offer two sessions, usually held at six and twelve months in my standard baby plan. Often times parents opt to add sessions at three and nine months, for a total of four sessions over the course of baby's first year of life. The sessions only last about 45 minutes, to keep baby from getting cranky. Though fast, they are a ton of fun. 3 Months ...