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Military Maternity Photography
When it was time for this wonderful couple's maternity session, Dad chose to wear his military uniform. This presented a wonderful opportunity to make the session something truly unique to this family. I love when clients think out of the box like this and bring ideas that make the session memorable. Mom was absolutely gorgeous. She had her hair and makeup done prior to the session and came in ready to try on as many gowns as we could fit into our time together. We used a combination of neutrals, to compliment Dad's uniform and some stunning jewel toned gowns that really popped against the green. Grandma to be also came to the session a ...
Newborn boy photos
Newborn boy photos
This adorable little man was 16 days old when he came into the studio. He was a little older than I generally like for newborn sessions (around seven days preferred), but due to logistics this was the earliest he could come in. Even though he was a little older, he was still so calm. He didn't sleep much, but he still did really well. He was very watchful through the whole session. I couldn't believe the eye contact this little guy made at this stage. He seemed so much older than he actually was. I think you can see that he was so aware in all the photos. Dad is a big basketball fan, so I incorporated a ball into the photo gallery at Mom's ...
newborn photos
Newborn photos
I have recently started to offer at home newborn photos for my clients. Since I'm having to bring my props with me, I've been using a lot of digital backgrounds to keep setups to a minimum. These backgrounds are simply stunning and offer so much variety. I'm completely in love. The benefit to mom and dad for at home sessions is obviously not needing to come into the studio when baby is so little (I try to get baby in around 7 days usually). The only real restriction is that I need a large window for light. Patio doors work perfectly for this. I usually bring a small light with me just in case its needed, but its nice if we can use natural ...
Christmas maternity photos
Christmas Maternity Photos
This amazing couple came into the studio just before Christmas for their maternity photos. Naturally we had to incorporate the Christmas tree that was set up in the studio. The set with the fireplace and big chair is such a cute addition. I'm almost a little upset that it'll be gone come January. We started our session with the black lace gown that I've recently added to my maternity closet. It is perfect for those tiny mommies to be. It hugs every curve, and has an elegant feel.   We also incorporated my cream gown that looks stunning on everyone who ties it. The fluffy skirt and stretchy top makes everyone feel like a brid ...
Photography by Jasmin
Couple Studio Maternity Photos
A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of creating studio maternity photos for a gorgeous couple. They had never done photos together (not even wedding photos!), so this was a brand new experience for them. I met them in the studio and quickly discovered that Dad was a little camera shy. (<< This may be an understatement) I can totally relate to that myself. I value photography, I want to exist in photos to leave something for my children when I'm gone, but I feel totally uncomfortable when its time to get in front of the camera. I am much happier behind the scene, which I think is part of the reason I became a photographer. Knowi ...
Moody Maternity Photography Edmonton
Moody Maternity Photography
I've had lots of requests for moody maternity photography lately. In other words, images that are a bit on the darker side and much more dramatic. I definitely can't complain, as this is probably my favorite way to shoot maternity. There's just something about a moody image that turns it into a stand alone piece of art. I can envision any of these photos on a large canvas or as a framed photograph in the bedroom or hallway. This past weekend saw this moody trend continue. When Mom and her two absolutely gorgeous kids came in, I was thrilled to photograph them while they were waiting for baby #3. All three of them were really great to hang ...
YEG Newborn Girl Photos
Dramatic Pink Newborn Girl Photos
These are among my favorite newborn girl photos to date. Mom wanted something that was a bit like Anne Geddes photographs with the black background and dramatic lighting, while still keeping everything girly. The session was an essential session, with 12 photos in the gallery. I had a couple of prop set ups and also took a few parent images to show off just how tiny their baby girl was. She's not going to fit in their arms like this for long. Even though there wasn't a lot of photographs to take with an essential session, this was still the longest session I have ever had. We were there over 4 hours. Babies are unpredictable and in this ...
Milestone Photos Edmonton
First Birthday Milestone Photos
I've been photographing Connor since he was a newborn. I can't believe that he's already one year old. It really does feel like yesterday that we had his newborn session. It was an adorable session with turquoise and grey colours. It had a bit of an antique vibe. You can see a couple of the photos here. Milestone Photos When Connor came in to see me for these milestone photos, he was happy as ever. He's such a little buddy. We took a few in his cute little plaid outfit before switching to his birthday outfit. We wrestled with his bow-tie, but eventually got it on. Seriously, he is such a little man! We used a simple backdrop with just gr ...